Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is my first attempt ever to take photograph of fireworks going off! I have read up how to take this shots. - Use a Tripod to avoid camera shake - Use Long Exposure to capture the streaks Sound simple, i followed the advice, then i ran into problems
Just Try figuring out where the fireworks are going to burst, that was my problem and how much to zoom or not to zoom to fill up the photo with the fireworks. Dont get me wrong i had fun, but it was frustrating, I was just too close to the launching spot, and the fireworks was shooting in all directions from my view. So i was pointing the camera here and there, then i slow down and concentrate on one area only. That corrected one problem.

After this experience i notice that most firework photograph are long distance. I was attempting too short of a distance. Best is if you can have a spot a little distance away. That will help, in getting the firework bust. and do not zoom.

As you can see i only manage to photograph partial of the firework busts in this firs attempt, I will have to try again as soon as i can.

Oh yes, what exposure setting, Time set it on the maxsimum your camera can go, then you will get the streaks, as for the aparture, set it on the largest. use Tripod, get a distance away, and hit the shuttle button when the firework go off. With SLR, and digital camera lcd screens you cannot view what happening after pressing the shuttle.

Best is allow a salvo to go off and view it on your LCD screen, make what adjustment that is required and then shoot away blind, and hope for the best. Or go to Movie mode, and make a movie out of it. will try that the next time!

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