Saturday, November 22, 2008

Acrobatic Sampan

While walking along the Beach at Butterworth, Bagan Ajam, at the BORR Highway Rest Stop, there was this buzzing song, when i turn to look there was this sampan running at full speed, of the 10 photos i manage to take, this one, the first was the most dramatic.
DSCF5482, F3.5, Speed 1/160, ISO100

Photo Tips

Keep a camera with you. You will never know when a photo op can turn up. These 2 photo was taken with my constant companion, My Camera Phone SE750i, Ms Cute Cat was right next to the Punch Card at the Guard House at my Working Place. While you are traveling along country roads, take care, there may be cows crossing!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Penang Botanical Gardens, Photoshoot

Penang Botanical Gardens, also know as Monkey Gardens or Waterfall Gardens........ Just enjoying phototaking
Cannon Ball Tree Image Name DSCF4232, F 3.5, 1/70 sec Iso 200
Bandstand Image Name 4202, F 3.5 1/150 ISO 64 Garden Landscape Image Name DSCF 4228, F 3.5 1/110 sec ISO 64
Monkey in the tree. Image Name DSCF 4617, F 3.5 1/160 sec ISO 800
Monkey (Close up) Image Name DSCF 4617, F3.5 1/140, ISO 400 Monkey on Branch Image Name DSCF 4216, F 3.5 1/80 sec ISO 800
Flowers Image Name DSCF 4156, F3.5 1/60 sec, ISO 400
Cannon Ball Tree Flower
Image Name DSCF 4237, F3.5 , 1/210 sec Iso 800
Flower Image Name DSCF 4192, F3.5 , 1/240 sec , ISO 200
Flower Image Name DSCF 4186, F 4.5 1/200 sec Iso 64
Flower Image Name DSCF 4185 , F4 , 1/180 sec , Iso 64
Cannon Ball tree flower (close up) Image name DSCF 4178, F 3.5, 1/150 sec , Iso 200.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Zoom or No Zoom?

Photo of Monkeys taken at the Penang Botanical Garden. . Would you prefer the top picture (closeup) or the bottom Picture.? .

Image DSCF 4222, F3.5, 1/40 sec, Iso 800
Image DSCF 4222, F3.5, 1/27 sec, Iso 800
When taken photograph, you have to make this choice some times, the whole object or partial object, each have their pro and cons, some ppl will like it, some ppl would not like it. With digital you can do both. ;-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Multiple Angles Photo

malaysia travel
Most People take photograph from one direction. try to take from multiple directions. Here are photos taken from multiple direction of a single object, to be exact the Standing Buddha at the Penang Burmese Buddhist Temple at Pulau Tikus. . Photos taken at the Penang Burmese Buddhist Temple at Pulau Tikus. Address, Lorong Burma, Off Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus, Penang. . This temple is just opposite the Famous Penang Reclining Buddha Temple, which get the lion share of the visitors. My personal opinion, this one has more things to see. Go to @Penang & Malaysia for more photo's from this temple.
Standard Photo Angle
Image Name DSCF 4290, ISO 400, F 3.5 1/52 sec
Side Photo Angle Image Name DSCF 4265, ISO 800, F 3.5 1/110 sec
Side Photo Angle
Image Name DSCF 4294, ISO 200, F 3.5 1/45 sec

Friday, July 25, 2008


Its some time from my last post, work commitments is the excuse, however today I came across some interesting item to photograph that is not work related so i can post it on this blog. Its Mushrooms that I saw while walking in the field this cloudy day. And in this age is a unusual sight for most people leaving in urban areas.

Image DSCF 3807 ISO 100, 1/52, F3.5

Image DSCF 3808 ISO 64, 1/85, F3.5

Image DSCF 3814 ISO 64, 1/180, F4.5
Image DSCF 3815, ISO 64, 1/170, F4

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is my first attempt ever to take photograph of fireworks going off! I have read up how to take this shots. - Use a Tripod to avoid camera shake - Use Long Exposure to capture the streaks Sound simple, i followed the advice, then i ran into problems
Just Try figuring out where the fireworks are going to burst, that was my problem and how much to zoom or not to zoom to fill up the photo with the fireworks. Dont get me wrong i had fun, but it was frustrating, I was just too close to the launching spot, and the fireworks was shooting in all directions from my view. So i was pointing the camera here and there, then i slow down and concentrate on one area only. That corrected one problem.

After this experience i notice that most firework photograph are long distance. I was attempting too short of a distance. Best is if you can have a spot a little distance away. That will help, in getting the firework bust. and do not zoom.

As you can see i only manage to photograph partial of the firework busts in this firs attempt, I will have to try again as soon as i can.

Oh yes, what exposure setting, Time set it on the maxsimum your camera can go, then you will get the streaks, as for the aparture, set it on the largest. use Tripod, get a distance away, and hit the shuttle button when the firework go off. With SLR, and digital camera lcd screens you cannot view what happening after pressing the shuttle.

Best is allow a salvo to go off and view it on your LCD screen, make what adjustment that is required and then shoot away blind, and hope for the best. Or go to Movie mode, and make a movie out of it. will try that the next time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fish in a Pond

Taking a Photo at a reflective surface such as water or glass will result in a image of the surroundings which may enhance or degrade a photo, such as the photo below, to overcome this a filter is required to cut the reflection. I have not purchase this filter yet so i have no choice but just to take the shot. Photo taken at Sam Po Footprint Temple, Batu Maung Penang. (Admiral Cheng Ho Temple)
Image Name DSCF1891, ISO200, Speed 1/180, F3.5

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nikon Cool Pix P80!

There is a new Nikon coming into town. the Nikon CoolPix P80, a compact Super zoom, according to Intech 29 April 08 (The Star). Nikon being one of the Top range branded cameras (consumer), is what i was originally eyeing for, but budget put paid to that, But I can dream. and you the reader can also help me out by viewing the advertisements ;-) here.
I have not have the chance to go find a review on this Nikon CoolPix P80 yet, the newspaper burb on this is too brief other then that it has a 18X optical zoom, to me higher the optical zoom the better. as can be seen in the photo below of two jet ski riding towards each other. Timing was right, only not enough optical zoom. (i dare not use digital zoom at it would compromise the photo in to blur images.)
Photo taken with a Fuji FinePix S5700/S700 at full optical zoom.
The Nikon P80 has a 4.7mm t0 84.2 mm 1:2.8, 4.5 lens vs the Fuji S5700 which i use which has 6.3mm to 63mm 1:3.5, 3.7, which mean the Nikon have a wider angle, longer range, and better like capability then the Fuji i use. Well the Nikon have to wait till i can save up, Other priorities you know, and i like the fuji, so that will be some time.
I prefer a superzoom compact over DSLR camera, due to two factors, 1) the price and 2) less things (lens etc) to carry around. This Nikon camera is price at US$400, which theoretically work out to a RM1320 at current exchange rates however, what the actual price when it enter the Malaysian Market, no one know yet.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos from the Beach

There was this “CafĂ©” at the Beach (Lacking a better word) that utelise handy craft to create this shells curtain. Nice. Shells Curtain,
Image DSCF 1012, ISO200 Speed 1/150 F3.5

Just a instant before I snap the photo, a Ball came out of no where, and the result is the ball seems to bounce off that pile of sand. Bouncing Beach Ball

Image DSCF 1014, ISO 64 Speed 1/240 F5

Couple strolling on the beach, with the back ground of Pulau Tikus (Rat Island) Stroll at Beach

Image DSCF 1017 Iso 64 1/200 F4.5

Same boat at a earlier post just that I frame it differently to create a lonely feeling. Sunken Boat

Image DSCF1036 – Settings ISO64 1/200 F4.5

Night Photos,

I love to take night photos, even though they are very technically demanding, and its hard to get it just right those days with Manual SLR camera, as you only know the result when you develope the flim. Now a day automatic camara takes the fun out of night photography.

Image DSCF 1281, ISO 64, 1/56 F3.5

Evening Sky


The Fuji S5700/S700, does have the manual controls, though shuttle speed is max out to just 4 seconds, so I have to play around with the ISO settings to get a brighter effect.

Image DSCF1304, ISO 200, Speed 1/1.1, F 3.5,
Hotel room block at nite
The Fuji does take decent night photo. Just don’t forget to use a tripod, During a recent wedding invitation at a nearby resort, I had the opportunity to take a few night photos.
Image DSCF 1333, ISO 200, Speed 1.5”, F3.5
Fountain at Night
(Due to the long shuttle speed, one can see the "water" effects of the fountain, which is visible due to the reflected light. This photo is taken just before sunset with some light visible in the sky.)
Now I am aiming to take photo at a few spots in Penang around the seaside like Gurney Drive, Esplanade and Queensbay Mall for night photo’s .
Image DSCF1309, ISO 200 Speed 1 / 2.6, F3.5,
Spot lite up trees

Joss Stick Urn

Taking a photograph with the camera in to a sun, create strong shadows, by using a flash one can soften the shadows like in this picture where the urn have softer shadow then the background. Photo was taken during my Ching Ming 08 tour of duty to the Beow Hiang Lim Temple.
Image DSCF 1090, ISO 64, Speed 1/280, F5

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Choosing the camera for you. Part 3

Branded or Unbranded Cameras . .
Currently with the invent of internet shopping there are many unbranded camera around that are manufactured by many manufacturers, Some of this units are excellent (usually manufactured by branded OEM and / or utilizing components use by the branded cameras. Others are cheep skate models that do not live up to the ‘hope” and ‘hype” they represent. In general Unbranded camera are cheeper then the Branded ones, and may offer extra features and megapixles over the branded ones.
Branded Camera
Pro for Branded Camera
Tendency to be more Reliable and better
Tested Products, There are reviews for you to check
Back up Support Available
Con for Branded Camera
More Expensive
Specs may be lower .
Un Branded Camera
Pro Un Branded Camera
Specs may be higher
Con Un Branded Camera
Less Reliable, may breakdown but not necessary so.
No product reviews.
No / Less Back up Support.
I choose a Semi Branded Brand, to ensure reliability and support. The Fuji I use was available on the net and after checking the specifications, and reading the consumers and professional review, I decided that it give me the best “Bang for the Buck”. It has most of the features I need and use. .

Chicken Dish

Chicken is a food that can be consume by a most malaysian, and is therefor the most popular dish in Malaysia. If i am not mistaken KFC is the number on fast food chain in malaysia. Here are two popular malaysian style chicken dishes that have been adapted to the higher class restaurant while with roots in the street vendors.

Ayam Percik, or Percik Style Chicken is BBQ chicken with a spicy sauce, it is usually eaten on its own, and is only fond in Night Markets, however we adapted this dish to "Western" Style with side serving of Fried rice with green peas and eggs, and grilled vegetable and salad.

Image Name DSCF 1593, Iso 800, Speed 1/105, F3.5

Chicken Rice or Nasi Ayam, Usually steam or fried chicken serve with chicken stock flavoured rice, serve with chillies and with a soup. Usually found in coffeeshops or stalls, here adapted to fine dinning as with most hotels as it is a local favorite. Even Mandarin Hotel Singapore, One of the Premier Hotel in South East Asia, is well know for its interpretation for this humble dish.

Image Name DSCF 1673, ISO 400, Speed 1/100, F 3.5

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day at the Beach!

While waiting for my car to be service. I took a walk to the beach, via the Public Access pathway next to Crown Prince Hotel at Tanjung Bungah. In my Private Opinion, this stretch of beach is better then those at Batu Ferringi. I did not stay long as servicing my car only took one hour. and it took me a leisurely 15min walk one way from the Car Doctor.
A Sunken Fishing Boat left abandoned in a pond of water, at Tanjung Bungah Beach, I frame the shot with fishing boats floating in the Sea.
Image DSCF0995, ISO64 Speed 1/200 F4.5

Kayak to Rat Island(Pulau Tikus), Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Image DSCF1007, ISO64, Speed 1/240 F4.5

Tanjung Bungah, Floating Mosque at Low Tide, Penang. I choose not to go for a close up of the Mosque only, but to include fishing boat's as to emphasise the location of the mosque is on a beach / on the sea.
Image DSCF 1011, ISO64, Speed 1/200, F4.5
Tips: With a Digital Camera, take as many shots as you like, in fact make sure if possible that the memory card is full, as you do not have to develop or print out the photo's taken (you only waste batteries), when you go home and download, then only start to delete photos you do not like or want. When taking photo's you may not realise you have misout details, like in the above shot of the Floating mosque. I have only one photo, with the Mosque tower intact (barely), my other 20+ photos were all wasted as i could not "see" the tower as it blended in with the apartment behind, which i only realise when i downloaded and view the photo on my laptop.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Concrete Leaf Impression

A Tree leaf was place on top of wet concrete and when the concrete dried, you have a tile with a impression on it. Cute.
Image DSCF0581, Settings ISO 200 Speed 1/75, F3.5

Angry Temple

A Close up of the top of a Temple in Penang, the Beow Hiang Lim Temple, with dark clouds just behind giving it a dark and angry look.
Image DSCF 1093 SettingsISO 64, Speed 1/420, F6.8

Monday, April 14, 2008

A walk in to the Forest

This Photo is taken at Bukit Panchor State Park / Hutan Lipor Bukit Panchor Penang, at the Walkway at the wetland area of the Park, A intreasting Place to go to if you like nature. To find out more you can visit my tourism web site here or at the side bar (@ Penang & Malaysia)
Image DSCF0570 – Settings ISO 800 1/120 3.5

Calm Lake

Photo Taken of a Golf Course in Penang
Image DSCF0260, Settings ISO64, Speed 1/150, F3.5

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Food 1

Food and Beverage Photograph are the only "Set" photo i take, for other categories to me, "set" photo are not natural, or not eco friendly etc, such as plucking a flower. I retookup photograph because of the necessity of taking food and beverage photograph in the various establishment i work in, as hirering a photographer is difficult, in out of the way places i work in and especially when we only create one or two dish at a time.
Rearrangement and Reinterpretation of a Common Dish can bring out a very different dimension to food, examples are found in the photo below,
Lamb Chop is a common malaysian "Western" Dish is prepared using traditional malaysian spice.
Lamb Chop, - Image Name DSCF 1171 ISO 800 1/60 F3.5
Wan Tan (Dumplings) Noodles Dry is rearrange and presented differently from the usual Street Hawkers arrangement
Wan Tan Noodles Dry, Image DSCF1487, ISO800, Speed 1/70, F3.5
Chun Peah (Penang Spring Roll), Image DSCF 1491, ISO 400, Speed 1/75, F3.5
Penang Deep Fried Spring Roll, (Chun Peah) a traditional Tew Chew dish found in Penang is also rearrange differently from the usual manner.
Such Photos when printed on flyer's and advertisements can entice potential customer to the restaurant, when use on the menu will entice customer to partake in this cuisines especially when serving tourist which may not understand the language the menu is written in, or for those who have not try out such dish before.
Chun Peah (Penang Spring Roll) Close up,
Image DSCF 1498, ISO 800, Speed 1/105, F3.5