Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chicken Dish

Chicken is a food that can be consume by a most malaysian, and is therefor the most popular dish in Malaysia. If i am not mistaken KFC is the number on fast food chain in malaysia. Here are two popular malaysian style chicken dishes that have been adapted to the higher class restaurant while with roots in the street vendors.

Ayam Percik, or Percik Style Chicken is BBQ chicken with a spicy sauce, it is usually eaten on its own, and is only fond in Night Markets, however we adapted this dish to "Western" Style with side serving of Fried rice with green peas and eggs, and grilled vegetable and salad.

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Chicken Rice or Nasi Ayam, Usually steam or fried chicken serve with chicken stock flavoured rice, serve with chillies and with a soup. Usually found in coffeeshops or stalls, here adapted to fine dinning as with most hotels as it is a local favorite. Even Mandarin Hotel Singapore, One of the Premier Hotel in South East Asia, is well know for its interpretation for this humble dish.

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