Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Flowers Series 1 – A Walk in the Neighborhood

The Flowers Series 1
A Walk in the Neighborhood
A Set of 12 Flowers Photo, commonly found in Malaysia
Image DSCF0624 – Settings ISO 64 Speed 1/220 F4 Image DSCF0683 – Settings ISO 100 Speed 1/140 F3.5
Image DSCF0685 – Settings ISO 64 Speed 1/140 F3.5 Image DSCF0689 – Settings ISO 200 Speed 1/200 F3.5

Image DSCF0804 – Settings ISO 400 Speed 1/52 F3.5

Image DSCF0852 – Settings ISO100 Speed 1/125 F3.5

Image DSCF0976 – Settings ISO 100 Speed 1/280 F3.5

Image DSCF0986- Settings ISO 100 Speed 1/300 F3.5

Image DSCF1023 Settings ISO 64 Speed 1/180 F3.5

Image DSCF1039 Settings ISO 400 Speed 1/170 F3.5

Image DSCF 1097 Settings ISO64 Speed 1/220 F4.5

Image DSCF 1137 Settings ISO100 Speed 1/800 F3.5

Knowing some thing and seeing something is different, I know of the Flowers beauty, but till the time I took the above photo's, I only now realise the true meaning of the Flowers Beauty, that we take for granted in Malaysia, There are flowers every where.
Viewing the Flowers on the Computer monitor is one thing, printing them out can bring out another dimension, due the the lighting conditions some of the photos yielded special effect when printed out at the neighbourhood photoshop.

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