Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos from the Beach

There was this “Café” at the Beach (Lacking a better word) that utelise handy craft to create this shells curtain. Nice. Shells Curtain,
Image DSCF 1012, ISO200 Speed 1/150 F3.5

Just a instant before I snap the photo, a Ball came out of no where, and the result is the ball seems to bounce off that pile of sand. Bouncing Beach Ball

Image DSCF 1014, ISO 64 Speed 1/240 F5

Couple strolling on the beach, with the back ground of Pulau Tikus (Rat Island) Stroll at Beach

Image DSCF 1017 Iso 64 1/200 F4.5

Same boat at a earlier post just that I frame it differently to create a lonely feeling. Sunken Boat

Image DSCF1036 – Settings ISO64 1/200 F4.5

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