Thursday, April 24, 2008

Night Photos,

I love to take night photos, even though they are very technically demanding, and its hard to get it just right those days with Manual SLR camera, as you only know the result when you develope the flim. Now a day automatic camara takes the fun out of night photography.

Image DSCF 1281, ISO 64, 1/56 F3.5

Evening Sky


The Fuji S5700/S700, does have the manual controls, though shuttle speed is max out to just 4 seconds, so I have to play around with the ISO settings to get a brighter effect.

Image DSCF1304, ISO 200, Speed 1/1.1, F 3.5,
Hotel room block at nite
The Fuji does take decent night photo. Just don’t forget to use a tripod, During a recent wedding invitation at a nearby resort, I had the opportunity to take a few night photos.
Image DSCF 1333, ISO 200, Speed 1.5”, F3.5
Fountain at Night
(Due to the long shuttle speed, one can see the "water" effects of the fountain, which is visible due to the reflected light. This photo is taken just before sunset with some light visible in the sky.)
Now I am aiming to take photo at a few spots in Penang around the seaside like Gurney Drive, Esplanade and Queensbay Mall for night photo’s .
Image DSCF1309, ISO 200 Speed 1 / 2.6, F3.5,
Spot lite up trees

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