Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Choosing the camera for you. Part 3

Branded or Unbranded Cameras . .
Currently with the invent of internet shopping there are many unbranded camera around that are manufactured by many manufacturers, Some of this units are excellent (usually manufactured by branded OEM and / or utilizing components use by the branded cameras. Others are cheep skate models that do not live up to the ‘hope” and ‘hype” they represent. In general Unbranded camera are cheeper then the Branded ones, and may offer extra features and megapixles over the branded ones.
Branded Camera
Pro for Branded Camera
Tendency to be more Reliable and better
Tested Products, There are reviews for you to check
Back up Support Available
Con for Branded Camera
More Expensive
Specs may be lower .
Un Branded Camera
Pro Un Branded Camera
Specs may be higher
Con Un Branded Camera
Less Reliable, may breakdown but not necessary so.
No product reviews.
No / Less Back up Support.
I choose a Semi Branded Brand, to ensure reliability and support. The Fuji I use was available on the net and after checking the specifications, and reading the consumers and professional review, I decided that it give me the best “Bang for the Buck”. It has most of the features I need and use. .

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